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Welcome To Samruddhi Projects

Marine Infrastructure sector is a key driver for the Indian economy. The sector is highly responsible for propelling India’s overall development. This sector attracts intense focus from government and second largest employer in India. We SAMRUDDHI PROJECTS one of the Fastest growing Organization in Marine Infra sector in India established in year 2020. We’re experienced in infra projects with can-do attitude and a vast experience of above 25 years. The quality of our work and the competitiveness of our tender’s rival everyone in the business. We find a sustainable solution and deliver it through meticulous Planning, Resource fullness, Tenacity and Hard work. We believe in doing things in the right way building credibility in the minds of our clients.
The Samruddhi Projects is a diversified conglomerate offering services in Marine Offshore and Onshore filed development along with infrastructure engineering and manufacturing capabilities in different sector. SAMRUDDHI PROJECTS, promoted by managing partners’, is one of the leading onshore and offshore infrastructure development Companies in India, having pioneered the development namely of Underwater HDPE pipelines, Dredging, Logistics, Ship building and Offshore/ Onshore construction yard, Building/modification of jetties and bridges in the private sector.

Knowledge Of Local Legal System And Marine Regulations

As local marine – infra projects company we are in continuous contact with authorities such as DG Shipping, Port Authorities, Coastguard, Marine registration office and others relevant. We are familiar with the local regulations as we are always in need to be compliant and to be ahead of the regulation. It is important for SAMRUDDHI PROJECTS to inform itself of local legal systems in order to manage its compliances as well as to assist local authorities if and when required within the operations. We even see the Authorities itself as one of our most important clients.
Our local knowledge and network is one of our most valuable assets and value added to the project. From our experience only through close relationship and interaction with the relevant authorities, issues can be solved, and bottleneck can be addressed. In this respect, we have unmatched asset and access to the right contacts.